I’m russian, living in Siberia and wasting my life trying to learn PHP, 3D and many other useless technologies. This blog is oriented to English speaking readers from various countries. I hope telling you stories will help me to expand my English skills. And probably some of you will find some articles here interesting, I’d be happy.

In 2015 I started learn PHP and Symfony (2.6), and now I can say I’m good in developing backend applications. Good enough to take money from other people for this skill. Today I consider myself as a middle developer. Past years I faced with various MVC frameworks, such as Symfony (2.6-4.1), Laravel, Slim. Most time I spent developing report generating systems, so that’s why I have huge experience in working with DBs such as MySQL and Postgres. Using raw SQL queries and ORMs such as Doctrine2. Got some experience in creating applications for social media. Developed few bots for telegram. Despite that I still can create good 3D renders.

By the way, you can purchase my 3d models on

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