First photo

My new image was submitted on and this is first photo I’ve uploaded ever. I usually uploads only renders. It’s my dog. Enjoy.

BTW, I got first purchase of checkmate certified model on I’m so happy, that even ready to hug that dude who bought it.



So, it seems my idea to earn on turbosquid failed. I’m too lazy and busy son of a bitch. That’s my late render. Bottle rendered with a VRay.

Bottle VRay

Bottle VRay

Few years ago I decided to sale my few models on just for fun. I was a beginner in 3ds max, so I published some models for free and some for low price. For past 6 years these models brought about 20$ on my paypal account. But in this year I’d like to try an experiment – I decide to create at least three models a month and to move all of them through CheckMate certification process. Minimum price for certified model is 39$ (lite version), over half of this money will take a turbosquid administration. So, even if one purchase of each model will made it will bring me about 60$ a month. It will be my small supernumerary profit, which do not need any actions anymore.

Now I got one model in inspection status. I’ll post a note about it after certification will be complete. Stay tuned 🙂